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connect 4 playing robot

As part of our 3rd year Robotics Module, we used ROS to implement the motion planning theory we had learnt in the first term. We decided to have the robot play the game Connect 4 against a human.

Using a minimax connect 4 playing algorithm the robot makes the decision of where to place the next disk, then using motion planning, decide the route to get to the position of placing the disk, and using OpenCV to recognise where the disks had been played, the robot needed no human imput to play. This is a very simplified summary of the procedure, to read the whole procedure click the button below. My contribution was to the image recognition part of the project, under the OpenCV section of the documentation.



Unfortunately because the cable of the Franka robot had been damaged, we could not demo the final program, but we hope to do so as soon as the robot is working again!

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