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Our project won the GOLD award of the Product and Structural Design category of the worldwide competition Creative Conscience.


Creative Conscience is a global movement that improves the communities we live and work in, helping to transform the wider world. They promote socially valuable, human centred design that enables and inspires people to change their lives and the lives of those around them for the better.


Andromeda is an audio-tactile gaming system that promotes socially inclusive play between visually impaired and sighted individuals.

In the UK, over 2 million people have severe visual impairments.

Since the rapid development of consumer electronics and digital media in the past decade, those with visual impairments are increasingly feeling left behind.

Through our research, design and engineering process Controller M31 was created which expands the non-visual output of existing games, opening up the possibility for people with severe visual impairments to explore digital spaces and experience games.

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