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Vertical Axis turbine patent

Vertical Axis Wind Turbines are rarely used in the wind power industry due to their disadvantages. The main ones being that they have a lower rotational speed as they are installed at a lower height, and thus produce less energy, and the second one being that they are prone to fatigue due to the variation in forces applied during each rotation.

For this reason, I developed a design to reduce the fatigue on the blades, by allowing them to freely rotate on a spinning base to face the wind direction. This would theoretically also increase the energy extraction.

Furthermore, by having larger blades at an increased height and smaller blades at lower height this allows for the turbine to utilise both the high speed laminar winds that occur at a greater distance from the ground, as well as the more turbulent winds closer to the surface of the ground.

A detailed description of the patent can be found here.

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