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Light Painting Machine

Drawing inspiration from beautiful light painting photography I had seen with dancers, I wondered how I could make a curious and engaging Gizmo that would allow users to draw anything they wanted and make a light painting out of it. 

The results shown where trials drawing a leaf and a circle, taking into consideration my rudimentary photography set up, but the possibilities are endless!

Built a CNC Light painting machine, using two stepper motors at 90 degrees from each other, with an RGB LED to create a light trace. The LED is controlled via Bluetooth and the user can dynamically pick the colour through their phone.

The motors are controlled through an Arduino UNO and a CNC Shield. The Arduino was flashed with the grbl library, which acted as a g -code interpreter, and could receive any g-code image.


The Light Painting Machine could then process the g-code and draw it with the LED. The user could then take a long exposure photograph and end up with a fun light painting photograph!

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